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Workshop CHI08 results

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Results of the CHI 08 Workshop


Check out the bottom of this page for our poster...


Axes of the Exertion Interfaces space


arousal - fatigue

adult - children

single - multi user/player

brain - body

invented artifact - pre-existing artifact

intrusive - non-intrusive

screen - screenless

required movement - emergent movement

prescribed movement - undirected movement

micro movement - gross movement

goal-directed - open-ended

competitive - cooperative

everyday - unusual

special purpose - mainstream

singlemodal - multimodal

motion - static

amateur - professional

limited technology - highly instrumented



Purposes / uses of Exertion Interfaces


experiences for children


medical / rehabilitation



sports over a distance

social interaction/bonding - teambuilding

personal health awareness




combatting psychological issues, depression

well-being - mental, physical, social

tools for research - sports sci, psych



Concepts / Models / Frameworks that touch on Exertion Interfaces







performance (sports) - for evaluation





brain/body interface







Other research areas that touch on Exertion Interfaces


gaming / game design


social interaction



physical training

physical therapy




child development

translatable skills



"For me an exertion interface is..."


intense effort

physically demanding

gross motor skills



stimulate physical play

physical objects

allow you to measure physical behaviour

stimulate social interaction

emphasis on mobile solutions

relax thru entertaining activity

positive affective experience

enhancing patient experience

source of potential harm and healing

shared workout w/ friends indoors

ubiquitous fun interface

allows people to become more conscious of their everyday lifestyle

easy to learn, difficult to master

playful / fun

assist you during physical activities

increases awareness of incorrect motions

supports increased body movement



Open questions


ethical issues?

safety - physical risk could lead to injury, stretching/warm-up required

how are results affected by the novelty effect?

how are results affected by creativity of user?

can interfaces involving fine motor skills be called exertion interfaces?

can interfaces involving static exertion (no motion) be called exertion interfaces?



New ideas


cooperating together with partner without regard for physical shape

synchronizing group

peripheral displays for awareness

tactical - mental / physical

teams spread around a city

incorporate less physical individuals

water-based interfaces



Our "Wish List" for Exertion Interfaces


manifesto w/strong theoretical background

EU project proposal

EU network of excellence

model for EI

special issue on EI

evaluation methodology

longitudinal study - long term benefits/risks

design guidelines for EI

business feasibility and costs

more research on sensors for EI, how to prevent cheating

more focus on user needs

explore connections to other research areas

regular networking

publish papers w/ 'exertion' in the title

symposium - meeting in scotland



What does "Exertion Interfaces" need to be a CHI track


Major influential conceptual paper (like ubicomp, tangible)

Manifesto - vision statement

Key unique characteristics/ selling point(s) - contrast with established areas without threateninG

A figurehead (Floyd!)



What's unique about Exertion Interfaces?

focus on physical activity that raises physiological arousal (not arousal based on mental factors) and burns calories more than usual activities



Exertion Interfaces need to be contrasted with:

Tangible interfaces - focus on body movement not object

Embodiment - not about tool becoming part of body - interface is explicit and doesn't disappear

Serious gaming

Ubiquitous computing



This is a mindmap that started out to answer the question: "What needs to be done that EI becomes a CHI track?" but ended up in a great model for EI:






Here are the images taken from the whiteboard:












At Interactive Entertainment '07, a model was also created, which is posted here for comparison:



Here are the photographs of the whiteboard, of which the graph was copied of:







This is the poster compiled out of the results of the workshop presented at CHI 2008.


Exertion Interfaces poster as PDF

















Lunch Receipt


Thanks to everyone for the great discussions over lunch!


(Receipt for reimbursement)




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