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Workshop at CHI 2008, Florence, Italy: Workshop is now over, for results see below! 

6 April 2008


Exertion Interfaces are interfaces that deliberately require intense physical effort. They can be expected to be physically exhausting when used for an extended period of time, and are therefore working in the opposite direction of most conventional interfaces that aim for ease of use and efficient operation. However, recent research has shown that physical, exhausting interfaces can be beneficial for fighting personal weight problems, encouraging social interaction between participants and allowing for new gaming experiences.
This one-day CHI'08 workshop builds on the very successful CHI’07 workshop, which was the first forum to share information among researchers interested in the area of Exertion Interfaces. Identical to last year, we will influence and be influenced by emerging trends in this fast paced area, but this year, the focus will be on a multidisciplinary approach to Exertion Interfaces through learning from influencing domains such as sport, medical science, gaming, coaching, social science, and education. This will allow us to discuss the salient areas we identified on the axes generated last year: theory, evaluation, tactics, training, skills, body expression, audiences, teams and new influencing dimensions we identify through our Wiki until then.
An additional outcome of the workshop will be a co-edited book illuminating the domain from a diverse set of perspectives as well as the organization of a symposium for next year, providing a dedicated forum for researchers of Exertion Interfaces.





Participants list and submissions




Schedule and maps for the day



Check out the workshop results from CHI 2007


More information:

Call_for_Participation (PDF)


Extended_Abstract (PDF)


Email: workshopCHI at exertioninterfaces.com



Workshop Organizers:

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller

Stefan Agamanolis



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